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Printmaking, Glass and Ceramics

I am fascinated by buildings and the way in which humans create spaces that hold the spirit of the culture, character and soul of the communities that live within and around them. I have travelled for years and have absorbed the various details and architectural styles in buildings that I have seen. Different countries, different eras, different uses all contribute to the sense, style and structure of the urban landscape.  Buildings are as individual as the people who have made them and as such, I have started to imbue the buildings I draw to reflect the human condition. The houses differ in size, colour, shape, stance and position, they have a soul and a personality, which is evident in the smallest details. There is infinite opportunity to create work simply by exploring the essence of the  buildings that surround us.

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Having studied Ceramics and Metal for my Degree, a lack of space and equipment prompted me to try Printmaking, over 20 years ago. I began with Lithography and have expanded into using Etching, Collagraph and Woodcut to create my work. Having developed a passion for this versatile medium, I now co-run a Printmaking studio called bip-Art in Kemptown -

Co - author of the book - 'Printmaking - Traditional and Contemporary Techniques', published in 2009 in Britain, USA and Europe by Chronicles Publishing.


In recent years I have started to return to making three-dimensional pieces and enthused by a series of collaborative exhibitions with Miranda, we established Two Horse. We are excited to work together in Arch 236, Kings Road Arches, Brighton, BN1 1NB. 

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